Last year was a huge eye-opener for many of us. People started to be more open and honest about spirituality and mental health. Green beauty went mainstream and big food brands acquired smaller health-focused companies. We all started to realize that social media might be contributing to our anxiety;) Happiness is a new rich. Inner peace is a new success. Health is a new wealth. Kindness is the new cool. Wellness will only continue to be more accessible and eco-friendly. 2019 is an exciting moment in our collective wellness journey. Ancient practices will enter mainstream consciousness and return to being real will become a thing.

Move smart

2019 is all about smart training, mobility, and strength with recovery. More people seek for the new ways to satisfy their fitness goals that are safe, enjoyable and convenient. People will be also taking health in their own hands, using smart watches, exercise bands and online programs to design the best regime for them. 2018 was a long year and if you are a little bit tired and stressed BALANCE is the biggest trend in 2019.


From the modern recovery technologies using vibration or infrared light to Vipasanna Retreats and endless meditations. 2019 is all about recovery. Growth doesn’t happen during the workout but recovery. Brain training is also becoming more and more popular with machines like Virtual Float Tanks and many more. Yes, we are talking not just about physical recovery. 2019 is more self- conscious and holistic. We want to take care not just about our body but also the mind and what is the most important spirit. When you live in alignment with your soul, the body and mind will follow. 

You. We. All.

With more people becoming spiritual and aware we all want to experience the oneness not just on a spiritual level but also in everyday life. Daily habits separate us from oneness. Imagine no fear and equality in all things. We are seeking for harmony, peace and unconditional love. The brain takes the center stage. Connecting to those around you can help strengthen your brain. In order to start connecting with others, we need to unplug from our devices and get real. More science is staying that if we want a healthy brain for life, we can’t do it alone. 

Exercise is medicine

Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, attitude, and mood. The ancient practice has been on the list for many years. The more you let Ayurveda and Yoga become the basics for your living, the easier living gets. Recently yoga has taken so many forms like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yogilates etc. Equilibrate recommendation is still the most traditional, healing but also great for your body and very intense Astanga Yoga. Check the full article about Astanga here. Just forget about goat yoga being top 10 on every 2019 fitness trends list. This is seriously not hot. During the practice, yogis are welcome to pause and pet the goat. We recommend sticking to your mat.