Stressing over a teaspoon of sugar is not hot anymore. Stop gluten free questions, stay happy, balanced and fit. 

Nutrition trends to stop now:

Cutting out sugar

There’s a difference between healthy sources of natural sugar (fruit) and added sugar (candy). There’s no need to cut out even added sugar entirely. For instance, drinking coffee with sugar after waking up can help you to hit your early morning workout instead of having “healthy options” breakfast. In the end of the day just a calorie matter. This is science. One teaspoon of sugar is only 20 calories. Fructose; the sugar found in many artificial, processed foods isn’t great for your body. But natural sugars; those found in honey, maple syrup and fruit, for example can help boost your brain health.

Not eating at night

The idea that eating late at night can cause weight gain is a myth. Intermittent fasting means nothing less than eating at night (the biggest meal is around 8PM). Having protein shake 30 minutes before bedtime can promote muscle growth and workout recovery. It doesn’t matter what time do you eat anyways. What and how much you eat plus your physical activity during the whole day is what determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight.

Demonization of gluten

There is no medical reason for most healthy people to avoid gluten or grains. Glycemic Index will give you a good introduction into carbs intake. Low IG foods will digest slowly leaving you full for longer period of the time. The IG number is a value obtained by monitoring a person’s blood sugar, after eating the food. It can be connect with gluten as foods containing gluten have high IG index. That’s why we can try to avoid gluten when cutting off extra kilograms.