In fitness, there are no short cuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work

Double workouts are having a moment in 2019. Training twice in one day may be trending now but is it healthy? It has benefits, as long as your programming is structured. The body adapts to the demands placed upon it, so getting a second training session in a single day makes your body much more fit. Sure, but remember that you would benefit a lot more from giving 100 percent to one session than doing two half-hearted sessions. It all depends on your individual needs. In the end of the day or a week, a total balance counts. Always be mindful of overtraining. Make sure to check your energy levels, and if you find recovering from your workouts is difficult; slow down. The answer is to listen to your body. Always. Nobody knows you better than you do. Rest is extremely important, make sure you follow a sleep routine that gives you adequate sleep. If you feel soaked after waking up it might suggest that training twice a day is not the best option for you.