Sun Salutation is a Yoga practice incorporating a sequence of gracefully linked asanas. The posture sequence of the Sun Salutations is definitely high on the dynamism quotient and thus can be harnessed as a weight loss regime. Pull your efforts for losing the extra kilos by following this sequence. It makes you feel fresh and confident. Healthier digestion, proper blood flow, heart health, and a de-stressed mind obviously lead to glowing beautiful skin, with dedicated practice of the Sun Salutation. What you may not realize in the first phase of your practice is what yoga can do to your life habits. The deeper you move into the understanding of Sun Salutations as a mindfulness and physical exercise routine, the more distant can you grow of unwholesome habits, like the consumption of junk food, excessive sleep, or indulgence in addictive habits. It is that one singular yoga sequence that alone can do you a world of good in terms of strength, flexibility, and overall wellness. Surya Namaskar A awakens our inner sun, radiating through a newfound deeper mindfulness, physical strength, and agility, cultivating a warming inner fire, and under all the virility, creates a pool of calm. 




  1. To begin, stand in Mountain Pose. Distribute your weight evenly over both feet. Establish a slow, steady rhythm for your breath. Find your center.
  2. Next, inhale and stretch your arms out to the side and over- head into Upward Salute. Reach your heart and arms up, sending your greeting to the sun.
  3. As you exhale, hollow out your belly and fold into Standing Forward Bend, connecting down into the earth. Keep your legs firmly engaged.
  4. Inhale and lengthen your spine forward into Half Standing Forward Bend. In this pose, the spine is extended, and the fingertips can stay on the floor or rise to the shins.
  5. Exhale and step or lightly hop your feet back behind you into Plank Pose. Your wrists should be flat on the floor, shoulder-distance apart, and your feet should be at the hip distance. Take a full breath in as you lengthen through your spine.
  6. Inhale and carve your chest forward Upward-Facing Dog. Pull your shoulders back and open your collarbones. Engage your legs but relax your gluteal muscles.
  7. Exhale and roll over the toes, coming into Downward-Facing Dog Pose. Ground down through your hands and feet as you lengthen your spine. Remain here for five breaths.
  8. On your fifth exhale, bend your knees and look between your hands. Then inhale and step or lightly hop your feet between your hands.
  9. Exhale back to Standing Forward Bend, surrendering into the fold.
  10. Inhale, reaching your arms out wide to your sides and coming to stand through a flat back. Feel a renewed sense of energy as you draw your arms overhead into Upward Salute.