Ideas without action are worthless

Thoughts occur in the mind. Through the mind you imagine, think and form ideas. The intellect is the most crucial faculty; through the intellect, you exercise control over your mind and over yourself. The purpose self-improvement is to fill the intellect with power, thus making yourself clear-headed and perceptive. Habits, emotional tendencies, temperament, personality traits are all built up by Universe on the soul through each action it has performed.

Experiencing peace is one thing, actually using it to transform your life is quite another. A great deal goes on between the intention and the action. To be in full control of your life you need not only to know, but also to understand the process through which an intention becomes an action.

The mind and intellect function together in a cyclic pattern, which determines how you behave, what thoughts you have and even what mood you are in. First, the mind produces thoughts, evidence that the intellect judges. On the basis of that judgment, an action is performed or not performed. The action becomes part of the evidence in the mind. Living Dynamically is not sitting in silence, but working dynamically. Not aggressively, but dynamically. Living aggressively is like driving your car recklessly. Whereas living dynamically is not giving up the speed, but driving responsibly.