An aggressive person is essentially a self-centered person, an egoistic individual who cannot see beyond his personal interest. His vision is limited to what he identifies as his. To become transpersonal is to go beyond our ego; to widen, to broaden our vision. We should be able to work effectively rather than hard. Dynamism treats movement, development, changeability, and process of becoming as the primary and fundamental factor of being. Such realization makes us non-aggressive, and yet dynamic.

We shall still be working, and working dynamically, but not for our benefit alone, not for our own welfare alone, but for the benefit, for the welfare of all fellow living beings. Living aggressively is like driving your car recklessly. Whereas living dynamically is not giving up the speed, but driving responsibly. Living dynamically is driving our Body-Senses-Mind-Intellect Vehicle with a wider, broader, and more inclusive view. The focus is no longer limited or concentrated, but unlimited and all-encompassing.

In our personal growth, we make acquaintance with our ego consciously: the part of us that has been programmed with certain belief systems, morals, and behavioral patterns. Step by step we discover a much bigger reality as the one our little ego mind had been operating in. The ego always acts from a place of lack and fear. The ego was never invented to make us happy, it was invented to protect us and keep us safe. In Aristotle's conception, nature is dynamic - spontaneous forces operate in it, related to the deliberate pursuit of all bodies. According to him, activity and action constitute the essence of being. The substance undergoes processes of change consisting in the transition from the states of potency to act. Only when the ego has been fully transformed into a free spirit and the heart is in the lead, we feel complete, happy and whole. We do not miss anyone or anything. We feel at home, wherever we go, we live completely in the now and take life as it comes.