Mind and body - both are inextricably connected. We could all function a lot more efficiently with less tension and more relaxation in our lives. In 1989 a French physician by the name of Fere, suggested that human emotions and feelings can serve as contributing factors in developing respiratory disorders, impaired blood circulation, infections as well as other ailments. We should take this into consideration in our daily lives – remember, healthy emotions are inseparable from a healthy body!

We tend to overthink the process. The uncertainty should not lead to inactivity! If one waits for the perfect information, one will have to wait forever. It is impossible to have perfect information before making a decision.

Let physical activity be the driving force towards refining your decision-making processes and maintaining a well-balanced existence. So, keep your brain and body agile - and simply believe in the self-improvement process! There are loftier goals that we can aspire to, than simply being content with an absence of recognisable medical symptoms and seeming to be in ‘regular’ good health. There are imbalances within the human system, which we take for granted and simply brush off rather than seeing that they in fact display symptoms of another subtler ailments. The ultimate responsibility in improving one’s health lies with the individual themselves. The results you can achieve once you assume this responsibility are previously unimaginable wellness and self-improvement!