Earth is currently experiencing a transformation of consciousness. Humanity is poised at the threshold of a new understanding of cosmic power. The life itself has no rules. What you do now, the choices you make will determinate a course of experience more complex than you can currently imagine. Everyone on Earth is here to participate and contribute to the mass awakening of humanity to the truth that thoughts create your reality. Expanding your mind to penetrate the deeper meaning of life is not only liberating, but it is also crucial for your well-being. All the people on Earth are in crisis, and this crisis is a form of deeply ingrained fear of knowing the truth. It is time to integrate your spiritual essence and become mature about how do you use your mind.

Recognising the power of your mind can open the human consciousness to a new world of unlimited possibilities and highly creative solutions. Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future; therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself.


Developing the ability to become aware of what you think, feel, and speak is structuring your life with clarity. The challenges caused by accelerated energies serve to perceive reality in a new way. Your lessons have essential importance for living an empowered life. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. In short, an awakening is allowing yourself to be open and inviting the formless light, the universe and the love to enter your heart. Awakening to your true spiritual nature takes you on an inner journey that leads to the opposite of separation, which is oneness. It is the spark that ignites the long-buried old spirit within you. Your spiritual experiences will become more heart than ego based and this new consciousness is the key to living and being in this New Earth. There is no separation. To activate our dormant mind powers we must first lift our awareness and become cosmic thinkers. To become cosmic thinkers we must cultivate clear mind and then begin to occupy our minds with thoughts such a purpose of creation, the reason we are on this planet, the reason for all created forms and their destinies and hidden forces which underline the world of manifestation. Are you ready for the revolution? Yes you are.

"Expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum, stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover its power."