Meditation is not only sitt​​​​​​ing quietly, but working and living dynamically, facing all the challenges of life with a smile


Pupular “Mindfulness Meditation” is a misnomer. In the Buddhist context, whether one claims to be following the Eastern or Western; the Indian or Chinese or Japanese, Thai, Burmese, or whatever brand of Buddhism. Meditation is not about being mindful, but about going beyond the mind, transcending the mind, or mushin (no mind) in the Japanese Zen terminology. We shouldn’t relate mindulness to meditation. Being mindful simply meant being mindful. Nothing more. There is no concentration point, what if the mind is still conditioned with and by so many things, which are not conducive to our evolution? Being mindful alone of such conditionings will lead us nowhere. One must decondition such mind. We should go beyond concentration point and just set our mind totally free without any judgment.

Meditation is not sitting in silence, but working dynamically to uphold dharma or righteousness. Living dynamically is driving our “Body-Senses-Mind-Intellect Vehicle” with a wider, broader, and more inclusive view. The focus is no longer limited or concentrated, but unlimited.

The most basic principle in Tibetan Buddhism connected to achieving a rainbow body is through maintaining the “primordial state.” The primordial state refers to a being's most pure and unaltered state. In fact, many could also describe this as “God-consciousness” or the ability to achieve oneness with the Universe. Tibetan Buddhism describe it as “The Great Perfection”. Rainbow body is believed to be the pure essence of our souls.