Unconsciousness is a learned behaviour we develop over time. It is also a by-product of the way our brains react to perceived threats and how we respond to the technological, social and cultural input, in massive volumes every single day. The result is often a tendency to react to negative stimuli more intensely than positive experiences. A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes. But you need to leave your expectations and turn on your I AM presence first. Your mind is a powerful thing. A strong, positive attitude will create more miracles that anything else.

The practice of mindfulness anchors you in the present moment and is a best way to built any habit. It’s all about your very I AM presence. Every time you practice mindfulness, you generate inner peace that support you through the times of unconscious.

You need to pay close attention to your feelings, emotions, and sensations of the body. There is one future step coming with mindfulness- the practice of non-judgment. You need to observe yourself from a distance, without labelling. This awareness frees you from the stress associated with long lasting desire, compilations and worries. Mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencing, while experiencing it. It has a sense of freedom, of being connected, of not judging.