We are living in the times when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness and spiritual growth are unlimited. What form of power do you imagine resides within you? During the times of change, opening your mind to consider points of view and vistas of life that extended outside of the box of accepted thinking is both sensible and admirable. Cattaneo & Chapman define personal empowerment as "...a process in which a person who lacks power sets a personally meaningful goal oriented toward increasing power, takes action toward that goal, and observes and reflects on the impact of this action, drawing on his or her evolving self-efficacy, knowledge, and competence related to the goal."

Developing the ability to become aware of what you think, feel and speak is essential for living empowered life. Awareness is a state of mind and the name of the game. You must be willing and able to face your greatest desires and also life lessons. Your lessons in living also include very difficult issues involving your relationships with both physical and non-psychical reality. They also require a new level of responsibility and honesty in your relationship with yourself. Accepting the fact that you are a powerful being is the first step towards self-empowerment. Cattaneo & Chapman lay out 6 steps in the process of attaining personal empowerment.

The 6 steps to personal empowerment:

Identify a power oriented goal 

The idea is to increase our level of influence at any level of social interaction, either with another person, a group or a system. When we address a complaint to a friend or loved one and resolve it successfully, we are having an impact on a relationship that is both meaningful and highly significant to our lives.


To attain our goal we need an understanding of the system involved, the power dynamics we might encounter, the resources we will require and a plan of action.


To take any action we must first believe we can accomplish our goal.


The better our skills the greater our competence. Putting our newly acquired complaining skill set into action will quickly give us information about where we are strongest and which skills or competencies need work.


The process of empowerment is a dynamic one where we act, reflect, assess, and act again.


Personal empowerment should be connected how we feel deep within. Not all our efforts will yield results right away. This can be a long process, not an overnight metamorphosis. Be patient, good things take time. Most people go wrong with their lack of patience and taste for instant gratification.