When we are aligned with the reality we understand that there are no mistakes. What we see is the reflection of our own beliefs. Our world mirrors our own mental state. When we see life as a problem it is because we are not living in the loving present but in mind created the place of our own making. Our beliefs create electromagnetic energy around us. Thoughts of high frequency generate feelings of love, inner peace, gratitude, joy while thoughts of low frequency generate anger, frustration, shame, anxiety or even depression. Positive thoughts generate high-frequency feelings.

We can anchor in the reality of this moment. The present moment is the source of the highest frequency. It contains the healing energy of a Universal Source. Past and future are the places that do not exist. Reality is the place where the peace is and it’s always available for us in the present moment. Imagine the sun that shines into the depth of your mind. In the present moment, we can converse with the living intelligence, The Source.

Our own limiting beliefs are blocking the way to the light. As a result we don’t allow ourselves to be what we truly are. Our shadows are alerts to our limiting beliefs but we can choose to change them. Reality is always working for us even when it brings hardship. We can connect with The Source by choosing high vibrational thoughts in any situation. Gratitude, acceptance, kindness and unconditional love elevate the frequency bringing us closer to the Universal Source.