Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness


Spiritual power comes from within - from the eternal store of positive resources, such as peace, love, and happiness that lies within each of us. Power has so many aspects, all intertwined like the threads in a tapestry. We cannot separate one from another because the tapestry as a whole depends on each thread being used in the right way, at the right place. We are all one. Oneness is probably the most important lesson to learn about our existence. The universe is one being. The energy comes from the source. Each of us is a point of individualized consciousness belonging to this whole. Each spirit is a focal point of energy within this infinite mind. We are each part of the universal creator, the infinite being of unending consciousness and love, existing to experience itself. You have the access to the light, to inner peace; to the source. It does so through the infinite points of individuality, each endowed with free will. The powers hiding within include introspection, discernment, decision-making, courage, letting go, tolerance, adjustment, and co-operation. 



The power to turn within is the foundation of all the powers. It brings the strength to remain peaceful and positive in the midst of life's challenges. Naturally, your thoughts must be concentrated when you perform an activity, but during any task, you can also turn your thoughts within and practice returning to your state of inner peace.


Just as the jeweler can discriminate between false from real diamonds, so you should be able to keep positive, worthwhile thoughts and discard negative, harmful ones.

Decision Making

The power to judge allows you to make clear, quick, accurate, unbiased decisions. For this, you need to be above the influence of situations and the emotions and opinions of others.


You are then able to observe beyond problems and difficulties, to discover a positive side to something that seems totally negative. The power to face obstacles can be developed by meditation or yoga practice.

Letting Go

The power to let go of wasteful thoughts in soul-consciousness means that you can travel light, packing only that which is necessary.


The power to tolerate involves the ability to go beyond the influence of negative situations, to be to not react, even in thoughts. If someone offers you insults, criticism or anger, with the power to tolerate you can remain peaceful and happy.


The power to accommodate is the power to be above any clash of personality or nature. Just as an ocean can accommodate all the rivers flowing into it, you should not reject anyone or anything.


The power to cooperate requires the vision of soul-consciousness, with which you can see all as oneness.