Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the same feeling or situation, even you have planned to do something different and took another direction? You are constantly asking yourself: why I am here again? Something feels SO wrong; all I want to do is cry… This is nothing else than karma showing you the main life lessons. You won’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. The reason that karma repeats itself, and it’s not to cause you pain; it’s to teach you to take different actions for different results. If you’re attracting the same type of partners into your life over and over again, it’s time to finally ask important questions: Why do the same people or situations keep coming in? What was my mistake?

What we didn’t finish then we come back to finish now. Everything in the Universe happens for a reason. Without even knowing it, you may be experiencing karma that originated several lifetimes ago. Karma has no expiration date.

A person’s subconscious mind has programming which sets them up for what are regarded as negative conditions, but which then refine and develop specific traits such as love, compassion, patience, or empathy. Those are main life lessons for many of us. Unpleasant situations are the consequence of lingering karma, which can always be reversed and resolved. You have the free will to walk away from or remain with a certain person, but KARMA OVERPOWERS FREE WILL.

Understanding the root cause of our circumstances, which lies in our conscious but also subconscious mind (do you have any particular person coming back in your dreams?) is crucial for our well-being. Karma repeats to produce new, BETTER results! This might be a long and painful process but it’s always worth it. First, we are often pushed toward ultimate forgives which has the most healing power. We should be able to forgive not just the other people, but also ourselves, for the things we did but also, we didn’t do. This is what ultimate forgiveness is all about. This is alchemy. Next step is always connected to choosing love over the fear. I cannot stress this one enough: soul over ego, love over fear. This is what the whole life is about, no matter how busy you are making money, getting more fit or scrolling your Instagram feed.

How to break a karmic cycle according to St. Germain:


“Always when one has been conscious of having made a mistake, his first act should be to call on the Law of Forgiveness, and demand wisdom and strength not to make the same mistake a second time.”


“Turn your eyes away from fear. Discontinue the conversations of fear if you choose to embrace the fullness of your heart.”