First, you need to accept your total being without any conditions. Protect your field from picking up other people's negative energy. Who looks outside, dreams; who look inside awakes! It is a time to engage clarity in the constant struggle between ego and selflessness. Don’t stress about finding the real you. It will come when the time is right. Allow yourself to be patient. Things will happen in a different order than you have in your mind. Never force the answers.

Your higher self is your real self. The soul consciousness is so much more than the physical form. The self you identify with today is just a fraction of the being that you are.

Your body is clogged with everything you eaten, smoked, drunk or inhaled. Mental and emotional blocks have accumulated around you: from the childhood traumas to the last love affair consequences. Inner purification is the only way to liberation. The work is done very deep inside you and can be misleading and extremely painful at the beginning. Just allow it to happen, trust the process, stop controlling. Day after day, you will start to breathe deeper, think more clearly, smile with no specific reasons and fell the universe with all of your senses (this is the best part).

Higher self is a collection of your secret storms, intentions and subconscious desires. The battle between the ego and real self can create chaos. Ego seeks to please the self in realistic ways. The real revolution comes from inside! This war can cause paralysis preventing us from moving forward. In the order to achieve this state we should also be able to forgive ourselves and other people. When you fail to forgive you are hurting just yourself. You need to teach yourself the power of letting go. The space we create by letting go leaves room for our souls to expand. The most important block is fear and self- doubt. When we are motivated by unconditional love to ourselves the magic is happening.