Equilibrium is a state of balance between opposing forces – for Equilibrate it represents a fundamental state of mental and physical calm. Wellness is the integration of mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing. All of these elements are indispensible in attaining your full potential in life. Our vision is to encourage and empower individuals to create a more self aware and healthy society by harnessing and sharing all these values. Equilibrate is a carefully curated wellbeing and lifestyle concept, which incorporates all of these values into your life. Let’s grow together and connect our immortal spirits with others around the World!

“Exchange your virtues by exalting the valleys of another, and trust life to remove the peaks of his pride as well as your own. Transmute the conditions in your world that you do not want by determined and persistent effort.”




Eva wants to show how you can harness your inner power to awaken your own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation. She believes that wellness is the key to unlocking your higher self and potential. Whilst traveling the world constantly over last 6 years she discovered that balance, patience and self-love are the keys to happiness and success in every area of life.

Eva has always been drawn to arts and creative pursuits. She is a graduate with degrees in Art of New Media and Design as well as a master degree in Psychology. Having spent the past two years modelling, she seeks to harness the exposure that this experience has offered her to share her vision with a wider audience. She began her wellness and inner expansion path by practicing Astana Yoga more than several years ago. She believes that being aware of feelings and emotions is an essential skill on our life journey. We should all aim to maintain the social, physical and spiritual balance within our lives in order to fulfil our needs and individual ambitions.

 Progress over perfection